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International Journals


ISSN: 0216-423X, Publisher: STIE Malangkucecwara, Date 02-08-2016

Are we ready for the changes in U.S accounting standards? some evidence of midwestern univercities curriculum
Author: Gerui (Grace)Kang; Xiang Liu and Daniel I Isiao

The determinants of the commitment to corporate social responsibility: case of tunisia
Author: Haifa Chtourou Rekik

What are the key drivers of future supply chains?
Author: Penina Orenstein; Daniel Ladik and Sean Rainford

Compliance with IAS/IFRS and its determinants: a meta-analysis
Author: Khaled Samaha and Hichem Khlif

The determines of the sticky cost behavior in the jordanian industrial companies listed in amman stock market
Author: Boraq Awad Magheed