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International Journals


ISSN: 0216-423X, Publisher: STIE Malangkucecwara, Date 18-10-2017

Reduction of audit quality by auditors of small and medium size audit firms in malaysia: A case of premature sign-off of audit documents
Author: Khairunnisa Mohd Jais; Anuar Nawawi; Ahmad Saiful A.P.T

Earnings management practices in indian companies: A cross-sectional analysis
Author: Mamta Mishra; Amarjeet Malhotra

Knowledge management and its effect on strategic decisions of Jordanian Public Universities
Author: Suleiman Ibrahim S. Al-Hawary; Veena Jadhav; A.S. Saravanan

Accounting and financial systems and tools for effective leadership and management
Author: A. Seetharaman;

Innovative Marketing tools: A case study of IDFC mutual fund
Author: Pooja Sharma; Manisha Gupta