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International Journals


ISSN: 0216-423X, Publisher: STIE Malangkucecwara, Date 04-06-2018

Management Accountants Role in Dependent and Independent Companies: Does Ownership Matter?
Author: Hassan Yazdifar, Davood Askarany, Saeed Askary

Stock Prices and Accounting Information: A Review of the State of Play
Author: Scott Pirie, Malcolm Smith

Drivers of Option Liquidity: Evidence from India
Author: Sanjay Sehgal, Vijaykumar N

Impact of Differences in Activities of Kuwaiti Companies on their Attitudes towards the Use of Services of Foreign Auditors
Author: Nabi Alduwaila, Mokhtar M., Metwally Metwally

Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Asia: Experience from Sri Lanka
Author: Piyadasa Ratnayake, Piyadasa Edirisuriya

Forecasting Practice and Perception of Forecasting in a Government-Funded Malaysian University
Author: Rozainun Abdul Aziz, Junaidah A. Manap