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International Journals


ISSN: 0216-423X, Publisher: STIE Malangkucecwara, Date 04-06-2018

The Discrepancy Effect of Strategy, Environment, Size and Centralization on Budgetary Characteristics
Author: Majdy Zuriekat, Husam Abu Khadra, Nidal Alramahi

The Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Performance: An Empirical Investigation of Jordan's Commercial Banks
Author: Mamoun N. Akroush, Fahed S. Khatib

Shareholder Wealth Effects: Successful vs. Unsuccessful Bidders
Author: Amporn Soongswang

A Note on the Derivation of the Basic Needs Deficiency Index (BNDI)
Author: Naziruddin Abdullah, Husam-Aldin N. Al-Malkawi

The Effects of the Use of Corporate Derivatives on the Foreign Exchange Rate Exposure
Author: Mohammad Al-Shbou, Stewart Alison

Homeowning Motivation in Malaysia
Author: Walter Tan Teck Hong