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International Journals


ISSN: 0216-423X, Publisher: STIE Malangkucecwara, Date 14-11-2018

The Relationship between the Ownership Structure, Capital Structure and Performance
Author: Ali Al-Thuneibat

The Effect of Self Efficacy and Information Quality on Behavioral Intention with Perceived Usefulness as Intervening Variable
Author: Muslichah

Empirical Analysis of Factors Influencing Use of Internet on Ships
Author: A. S. Saravanan, Jayalakshmy Ramachandran, A. Seetharaman, Karripur Nanda Kumar, Kailash C. Joshi, Capt.

Pawnshops Regulatory Environment: A Readability Analysis
Author: Geralyn Miller, Steven A. Hanke, Hui Di

Auditor Litigation and the Penalties on U.S. Client Firms after the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
Author: Nana Y. Amoah, Anthony Anderson, Isaac Bonaparte, Kyle Meyer