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International Journals


ISSN: 0216-423X, Publisher: STIE Malangkucecwara, Date 05-11-2021

Towards Understanding the Effects of Web 2.0 at the Project Level Knowledge Management on Projects’ Success
Author: Anupam Kumar Nath

Sticky Costs and Expenses are not Alike: Mexican Reality
Author: Luis Felipe Llanos Reynoso, César Vela-Beltrán-del-Río, José Luis Martínez-Berrones

Business Sustainability Through Environmental and Operational Management in Five Star Hotels in Amman, Jordan
Author: Haitham Abdelrazaq, Taghreed Aljaffal, Pheroza Daruwalla, Karina Wardle

Impacts of Asset Utilization, Market Competition and Market Distance on Stock Returns
Author: Jeanne-Claire Patin, Matiur Rahman, Muhammad Mustafa

Accounting Conservatism, Information Asymmetry and Cash Holdings
Author: Walid Shehata, Ahmed Rashed

An Investigation of the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance in Egypt: The Mediating Role of Information Asymmetry
Author: Nancy Mohamed, Ahmed Rashed

The Impact of Regulatory Capital and Bank Characteristics on the Relationship between Bank Competition and Risk Taking in the Banking System
Author: Eman Abdel-Wanis

Firm Size, Firm Age, and Firm Profitability: Evidence from China
Author: Md. Jahidur Rahman, Liu Yilun