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Faculty Research


ID 202.710.084
Published Date 01-06-2016


Brand switching has an internal factor and external factor. Customer dissatisfaction and the desire seeking for variation are examples for internal factor. The need for seeking a variation (variety seeking) and the effect of promotion and price are examples for external factor. Positive perception and love atitude for brand product that has been purhased and used can reflect consumer personality. Statistical test in this research shows that the direct effect of internal and external factors in brand switching has coefficient value 0.283 and stastically significant in a level = 0.05 that show by significant t value 0.000 (smaller than a = 0.05). Meanwhile, the indirect effect of internal and external factors through quality perception is (0.524 x 0.602) = 0.315. The calculation result can show that direct influence of internal and external factors variable is smaller than indirect influence of internal and external factors through quality perception. This result indicate that quality perception variables can be used as intervening variable. It means that quality perception canstrengthen (moderating) the relationship berween internal and external factors with brand switching, becouse the students feel that a good smartphone quality perception is in accordance with customer desires and experctations. Key words: Brand switching, internal and external, quality perception.