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Faculty Research


Author MUSLICHAH (Tim: Ketua)
ID 202.710.120
Published Date 17-03-2017


1) Muslichah 2) Shabrina Ramadania Abstract It is widely accepted that higher education institutions have potencial to play a crucial role in inspiring and motivating students to embrace the sustainability challenges face by contemporary society. As a final stopping point for young adults before they enter the workforce, higher institutions has an important role in ensuring thet the next generation of workers is up to the growing challenges of an increasingly sustainability problems. All students studying in higher institutions should be equipped with sufficient knowledge to deal with sustainability. Education in higher institutions should not only emphasize the needed skills and knowledge, it must also instill the commitment of students toward sustainability. The objective of sustainability education basically to encourage students to reffect on the kind of sustainability iossue that they might encounter, so that they will be sensitive to situations thet include an sustainability component. If students are sensitive to sustainability issues, then the students is likely to use moral dimensions in resolving the sustainability dilemma, rather than take a heuristic approach susch as profit maximisation. Keywords: Education Higher Institutions, Sustainability.